I have a few things to talk about today in this rainy and gray Thursday morning. Let’s go:

  1. Page size limit and Google News Bot
    I have just heard that you need to have your articles/PR/News to be under 256k to be indexed by GoogleBot and included in Google News. Something to  pay attention to. If you are adding a few images to your article it may prevent you from showing up and you may not get the traffic and attention your news deserves.

    If you want to read more, there is a thread here.

  2. Gooogle and China at was…
    Yesterday Google made huge news announcing that they may leave the Chinese market and are no longer censoring search results in their chinese version of their search engine Google.cn. Millions of people from within the PRC have been reading and watching pages previously not available. The decision was made in retaliation from hacker attempts to have access to Chinese Political Activists email accounts.

    In all fairness the PRC have announced an investigation and Google itself has not declared that the Chinese Government has participated/facilitated/allowed this to happen.

    What do you think, should Google stay in this market or pull out altogether?

  3. Real time Rankings
    How does Google ranks “real time” search results? Looks like they are doing it by looking at the number of followers you have.

    Pretty much the same way they do with links (although the linking criteria is way more complicated: i.e.: qualty vs. quantity).

That’s it for today.

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