Where’s your hosting?
The choice of hosting is a very important step in the process of creating a site. And the choice is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Particularly this problem may arise for those who have come across it for the first time. So in order to make the right choice you need to know on what criteria you should choose hosting.

So having developed the concept and design of your website you certainly encounter another problem. You probably wonder about how to place your website on the Internet. It goes without saying that you are interested to choose a quality web hosting service. What factors should be considered when choosing hosting? This article will give you some practical advices on the choice of hosting.

The first and basic tip on choosing a web hosting provider is not be in a hurry. Learn all available information, visit sites of some hosting providers and compare the list of services and tariffs. In any case, before you give your money, you need to find out about a web hosting provider as much as possible. Also it’s very useful to make inquiries from other users of this company.

In fact there are three main features that should interest you when choosing a quality web hosting provider. So you should be interested in services provided for you, their cost and finally their quality.

As for services you should memorize that first you need to determine the size of your site in megabytes. This will be required when choosing the tariff plan for this particular hosting. You will require choosing a tariff, which provides enough space for your site, preferably with a reserve.

Next you need to define what technologies should be supported by this particular web hosting provider. I mean CGI, PHP, MySQL, Perl, SSI and so on. You must have a clear idea about what additional features you may need, before you finally choose your web hosting service.

It goes without saying it’s also important to have a certain way to download information. And it’s provided by hosters by different means. All paid hosting services support FTP. I should say that to my mind it’s the most convenient way for you to upload new pages and multimedia files on your website. To say honestly you can also upload files through the web interface but it is designed mainly for beginners and it is not so preferable. The matter is that if you upload only through the web interface then you obviously can not see any cgi – bin or your databases.

An important parameter when choosing host is certainly the volume of your traffic. If the tariff plan has some limitations in terms of traffic then you should calculate the anticipated level of traffic to your site in order to be sure that you meet the limitations of this hoster.

Most of people think that the choice of the best web hosting starts from reading the reviews. Well, the idea is not bad, but you can have very big problems if you follow this idea.

The problem is that nowadays web hosting companies need to fiercely fight for the clients. And these companies cracked the review thing long ago: they are buying reviews or flood the market with fake reviews, that look like written by real clients. And they give a proud name of best web hosting even the junky service.

So, indeed you should read the reviews, but look through with this best web hosting propaganda – look into the nutshell.

Right now we are living in the world where info makes life easier.

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